New Solar Installations Make Swampscott Homes Greener

Swampscott, MA- June 23, 2010- For Immediate Release – Swampscott just got a little bit greener, and two local homeowners – Tara Gallagher and George Allen – couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to their new solar installations from Sunlight Solar Energy, Gallagher and Allen are looking forward to saving money with clean, renewable energy from the sun.

The Gallaghers had been interested in solar energy for a long time due to environmental reasons, but decided to go ahead with an installation once they learned that Massachusetts’ current financial incentives make solar installations more affordable than ever before.  “In our case, rebates and tax credits covered 54% of the project, and we’ll be receiving almost $1,200 per year in Renewable Energy credits,” explains Gallagher. “We feel good about making our own energy and maybe even providing some back to the grid if we make more than we need.” The Gallaghers’ new solar electric installation will cover almost all of the family’s electrical use, providing their house with clean, free energy for years to come.

Now is the most exciting time to invest in alternative energy, as federal and state incentives can reduce solar installation costs by up to 65%.  With payback periods at an all-time low, homeowners can look forward to saving money immediately, protecting them from rising utility costs.  Says Emily Chambers, Director of Operations for Sunlight Solar’s Massachusetts office, “utility rates are steadily rising, often at a pace of 5% or more each year.  By investing in a solar array, consumers can protect themselves from these costs, and supply their homes with clean and efficient electricity for decades to come.”

Sunlight Solar Energy, a solar design and installation company in Newton, MA, worked with Gallagher to customize the solar system and make the process as simple as possible.  By taking care of all of the rebate paperwork for each customer, Sunlight Solar eliminates the sometimes overwhelming burden of paperwork that would otherwise fall into the customer’s lap.

“Aside from it being a good investment, it’s also very green,” says George Allen, another Swampscott resident with a recent solar installation by Sunlight Solar Energy.  “Generating all my electricity from solar reduces my personal carbon footprint dramatically.”  With such a high return on investment, both Allen and Gallagher are looking forward to reducing their utility bills and encouraging others go solar.


About Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.

Sunlight Solar Energy ( is a certified grid-tied solar electric installation contractor committed to providing the highest quality grid-tied solar electric installations for homes and businesses. Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc is a licensed and insured Solar Installer and has installed over 350 solar arrays throughout New England. Sunlight Solar is a Premier Dealer of SunPower solar modules and inverters.

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