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Take your ride to the next level
Whether you are a homeowner wanting to supercharge your electric vehicle (EV) experience, or a business owner wanting to be the electric oasis on your block, Sunlight Solar Energy can equip you with the best EV chargers in the industry. Understanding your options is as easy as 1-2-3, so read on for a simple roadmap to the landscape of EV charging.
solar panel installation
level one chargers:
If you are using an outlet that was built into your home to charge your car, you are likely using level 1 charger or a 120-volt outlet. These chargers provide the slowest charge times for electric vehicles (approximately 4.5 miles of range per hour of charging).

For example, if you drive a Nissan Leaf with a capacity of approximately 80 miles of real life driving on a full charge, the battery for that vehicle will require 17.7 hours to fully charge via a level 1 connection. If you have a short commute, and that is the primary use for your electric vehicle, then you may be able to scrape by very comfortably with this type of setup.

solar panel installation
level two chargers:
Operating at double the voltage of a basic wall outlet, every hour you are plugged into a level 2 charger can give a Nissan Leaf 12-26 miles of range. That’s up to a six-fold boost in your juice! For this reason, level 2 chargers are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

The charger best suited to your needs will depend on the car (or cars) that you intend to charge, and on whether or not you intend to pair your EV charger with a solar installation for maximum cost savings and efficiency. Sunlight Solar only installs the highest quality systems, and all electrical work in your home is performed by our highly trained and experienced Journeyman Electricians.
Our preferred level 2 charger manufacturers are SolarEdge, Tesla, and ClipperCreek. Regardless of your needs, we will work with you to find the solution that will give you the functionality you need for a price that matches your budget.

solar panel installation
level three chargers:
Also called DC fast chargers, level 3 chargers allow you to hit the road fully energized after just 20-40 minutes. If level 2 chargers are a whole world above a standard outlet, fast chargers are in another universe.

Although it may be an attractive idea to have the ability to charge at home in just a few minutes, level 3 chargers are not typically feasible for household use. This is because fast chargers require a higher voltage and power draw than most utilities will provide to a residential site. Instead, level 3 is used primarily by businesses and organizations as a public charging solution.
The convenience they provide to EV drivers puts these stations on the map, both literally and figuratively, and can be a major draw for potential customers, employees, or visitors. Our experienced team will work with you to design a robust system that meets your needs using advanced equipment from one of our favorite manufacturers ChargePoint or Tesla.