First Solar Electric System Installed at Running Y Ranch

(Klamath Falls, OR)– Sunlight Solar Energy and Ed-Pat Electric completed and commissioned a 4.1 kilowatt solar electric array on a residence at the Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls. The 20-panel grid-tied system will produce over 5,000 kilowatt-hours of solar electricity annually.

Jeff Blick, Lead Installer of Sunlight Solar Energy notes that, “Our customer will enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of this project for decades. While we don’t exactly know how fast electricity rates will increase in the future, Mr. Davenport can rest assured knowing that his solar electricity is now available at a fixed rate for at least the next 25 years.”

Incentives and rebates available for this system include:

• The Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentive of $2.00 per watt, or $8,200 total
• The State tax credit of $1500/year over four years, totaling $6,000
•The Federal tax credit of $2,000 taken the investment year

As an additional environmental benefit, this PV system will help offset approximately 10,000 lbs of greenhouse gases annually. This is equivalent to not driving 12,000 miles in a gasoline-fueled motorized vehicle, or the planting of 955 new trees.

About Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.: Sunlight Solar Energy ( is a grid-tied solar electric installation contractor committed to providing the highest quality grid-tied solar electric installations for homes and businesses throughout Oregon. Sunlight Solar is Oregon’s only Premier Dealer of SunPower solar modules and inverters.

About Ed-Pat Electric: Ed-Pat Electric is one of the leading electrical contractors in the Klamath Basin. With a supervising electrician and a qualified team, Ed-Pat Electric has been serving the Klamath Basin since 1972.

About SunPower Corporation: SunPower Corporation ( designs and manufactures solar electric components and technology worldwide. SunPower’s high-efficiency solar panels generate up to 50 percent more power than conventional solar technologies and have a unique & attractive all-black appearance.

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