Windsor High Goes Green with Solar Panels

By Josh Silvia
Journal Inquirer
Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 11:44 AM EST

WINDSOR – The high school will get more environmentally friendly by
the beginning of December after 11 solar panels are installed on the
school’s roof.

Sunlight Solar Energy, which received the project in September through
a request for proposals, will start installing the panels by the end
of this month, according to Sunlight designer Daniel Britton.

Carolyn Humphreys, Sunlight’s public relations director, said the
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund decided which company had the best
design that could be implemented and installed at the school.

“It’s an educational opportunity to raise awareness for
alternative-energy resources,” Humphreys said of the project.

Britton said the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund is paying for the
panels and the installation, which costs $13,000. He added the
2-kilowatt panel system would be fully operational by Dec. 15 and
would be located on the southeast portion of the school above the
science classroom.

He said the panels also would have a monitoring system that would
allow students and teachers 24-hour web access to monitor the
production of each solar module on the roof.

The high school received the panels after nine juniors enrolled in the
school’s seminar program decided to pursue the project in September,
teacher Carla Brigandi said. These are students who exhibit evidence
of high academics in one core area.

“The students had two goals: to conserve energy and raise awareness in
the community on how to conserve energy,” Brigandi said, adding that
evaluating how much energy will be saved in the school will happen in
the next few weeks.

“I think they are doing a great job,” Brigandi said of the students
who are in the program until January.

Robert B. Wall, director of energy market initiatives for the
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, said the town received the panels
through the fund’s point system that encourages residents to invest in
clean energy.

Wall said that residents and businesses statewide could sign up for
clean energy options through their electricity provider, which counts
as a point for the town in which they’re located. If a clean energy
system is installed then it counts as three points.

With a kilowatt costing 100 points, the town has more than 200 points
with a two-kilowatt system, Wall said.

If people want to get involved, Brigandi said people could sign up to
fund the solar panels on the high school’s web site.

“Windsor has demonstrated bold leadership in embracing a clean energy
future,” Wall said. He also said he is thrilled that “solar energy
will power Windsor High School for generations to follow.”

To visit the high school’s web site visit

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