Warm Up To Home Energy Audits

Now that the weather outside is starting to get cold and the time of increased energy use is on its way, it’s a better time than any to have a home energy audit. 

A Home Energy Solutions Assessment is one of the first things we recommend to anyone who is interested in going solar. The local Connecticut Fox affiliate put together a great video to explain the process in greater detail. The assessment is worthwhile, regardless of whether or not your home is a good candidate for solar. The energy audit will help your home become as energy-efficient as possible. The best part is that for many customers, the energy audit is free. And if you do need to pay, it is generally a flat fee of about $99. The contractor will make necessary fixes at the time of the audit, and also make suggestions for larger scale home solutions tailored to your home- from upgrading appliances to increasing insulation and more. If you are interested in going solar, we can assist you in getting an audit before you have a site survey performed. Click here to sign up. For more information on the HES assessment, check out the Energize CT website.



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