Tod & Tina Schiff – Featured Customers

Tod and Chance on the roof

by Chance Currington

We’ve had so many fun and interesting customers here at Sunlight Solar, but nothing is more gratifying than a repeat solar cusomter.  It says we did a good job designing the first system at a competitive price, it says that Project Coordinator Queena Coursen did an awesome job coordinating paperwork and communicating with our customer, it says that Construction Coordinator Molly McGuirk did a good job scheduling and managing the installation.  And, most importantly, it shows that our cherished solar customer was not only dedicated enough to go solar twice, but went solar twice with us.

Meet Tod Schiff.  Tod and his wife Tina live in Forest Heights of NW Portland.  Tod first called us in the Summer of 2010.  I went over to his house with my ladder and trusty site survey kit.  Once I met Tod, we clicked immediately.  Signing all the paperwork with Tod was unforgettable: he made popcorn and we drank some sodas.  That was a first for me..  By august his 2.16 kW PV system was installed and the Schiff’s were officially members of the Sunlight Solar Family.

Tod & Tina had their first PV system for only about 6 months when my phone rang and he informed me that he was ready for more solar.  Fortunately, Tod and I had designed his first PV system with a long-term strategy of solar expansion in mind. So we duplicated the same array to the west side of his south facing roof and installed a second inverter next to the first one.  By February of 2011, the Schiffs were running two solar electric systems which cover a total of one third of their electric usage.


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