Sunlight Solar Joins PA Solar Lease Provider

(Philadelphia, PA) Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc., a leading national installer of solar electric and solar hot water systems, brings a new solar leasing option with them, as they expand their award-winning services into Pennsylvania. As solar leasing gains popularity in several other states, and after witnessing Sunlight Solar’s incredible results with the solar lease in Connecticut, it is plain to see why Sunlight Solar has high hopes for its success here in Pennsylvania.

The Middle Atlantic Solar Leasing LP, formed by Gemstone Group, Inc. and AFC First Financial Corp., was officially launched in Pennsylvania this past summer. The PA Solar Lease is rapidly growing in popularity amongst homeowners and small businesses alike as a more feasible and appealing way to finance a solar energy system.

Considering the popularity of the solar lease in other states, CEO Paul Israel shares his confidence in the anticipated success of the program: “When we offered the lease as an additional means of financing in Connecticut, our market share drastically grew by the end of 2009. Almost all of our [Connecticut] sales last year went for the leasing option to finance their systems.”

As one of only two approved installers in the entire state to provide the PA solar lease, Sunlight Solar is optimistic to say the least, as the company settles into its new location in the Greater Philadelphia region. “We have worked with Sunlight Solar in Connecticut for several years now and they have been an excellent partner.  We are excited to see Sunlight Solar enter the PA market and are confident they will provide the same excellent value and customer service,” says Gemstone partner Adam Stern.

The PA Solar Lease will allow homeowners to take advantage of an even larger rebate from the PA Sunshine program, a state financial incentive available to residents investing in solar energy. In addition, AFC First is able to take the 30% federal tax credit on the cost of the system and pass the savings on to the owner. The client will pay a flat monthly rate, usually close to what they are paying now, but without any utility rate increases and all the while producing their own clean sustainable energy.

Mallory Froeder, Sunlight Solar’s Director of PR & Outreach explains, “It’s exciting to be able to offer a product and service that is not only good for your home and planet, but now it can be good for your pocket as well. The PA Solar Lease will drastically broaden the scope of potential homeowners who may have been interested in going solar before, but never had the financial means to do so until now.”

About Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.: Sunlight Solar Energy ( was founded in 1988 and has been serving Central Oregon since 1997. Sunlight Solar provides system design and turn-key installation of grid-tied solar electric, solar domestic hot water, radiant floor, and pool heating systems for homes and businesses throughout Oregon, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and now Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Sunlight Solar is the proud recipient of COBA’s Green Building Sub Contractor of the Year award for 2008, the SunPower Intelegant Award for Excellence in design and the New Haven Land Trust’s 2010 Environmental Business Award.

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