Sunlight Solar Energy Selected As Installer For Solarize With Faith

Solarize Connecticut, Connecticut’s award winning and groundbreaking town-based solar program is expanding outreach exclusive to faith communities. Solarize with Faith is a coalition of faith communities that works together to help faith group members install residential solar. While an individual house of worship cannot provide the critical mass to allow a solar installer to pass along the savings associated with bulk purchasing, a group of houses of worship most certainly can.

 “We are expanding our definition of community to include places where people work, play…. pray,” said Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower.  “A lot of people have stronger ties to their faith community than to their town or city, and we want them to be able to participate in Solarize as well.”

After an interview process, Sunlight Solar Energy has been selected as the installer for this new program.

Historically, Solarize Connecticut has driven down acquisition costs for installers by partnering with towns and cities across Connecticut to facilitate on-the-ground outreach campaigns. In exchange for the outreach and town-based economies of scale, installers offer participants reduced pricing on their solar investment. To date, 72 towns and cities have participated with over 2,400 Connecticut going solar through Solarize Connecticut.   Sunlight Solar Energy has participated as an installer partner in several of the town programs. 

Now this same formula for success is being applied specifically for Connecticut’s faith communities in all 169 municipalities.

“The climate is changing and there is overwhelming evidence that human patterns of energy consumption are a leading driver of that change,” remarked the Rev. Josh Pawelek of Unitarian Universalist Society: East.  “Transitioning to clean energy in our homes is a tangible way we can live out the tenets of our faith, including justice and compassion for all the earth’s people. Some of the highest rates of energy consumption per capita occur in the US, yet developing countries stand to be most impacted by the effects of climate change. Our time to act is running out. We urge your house of worship to join us in Solarize with Faith as a beacon of hope and a vehicle for change.”

Solarize is a popular community-based program that expands residential solar through a proven formula.  It relies on an on-the-ground outreach campaign that helps educate consumers.  Pre-selection of a solar installer means residents are getting the best possible value of price and equipment, specifically chosen for that community.   And special financing makes going solar affordable.

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