Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc., Announces Solar Thermal Division with New State Rebate

(Milford, CT)  Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc, located in Milford, CT is proud to announce the inauguration of its new Solar Thermal Division.  The commencement of the thermal program was started for two important reasons. 

First, many customers requested solar thermal installations along with their existing photovoltaic arrays.  The company is proud to announce that it can now offer both types of solar technology to help CT residents make their homes more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Second, Gov. Rell announced on October 14th, 2009 that the state of Connecticut had designated $4 million of federal stimulus money to help fund solar thermal projects in Connecticut.  The funds will be administrated through the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF), which estimates that money will be able to subsidize 600 residential and 120 non-residential solar heating projects.  Sunlight Solar Energy has experienced a spike in customer interest in the program, particularly after the announcement of the rebate program.

The CT Solar Thermal Division at Sunlight Solar will be headed by current employee Joey Dorwart.  Joey is a native of Colorado, and earned his experience in solar thermal while working there. Joey said, “I am very excited about the new thermal rebate program. It will give CT residents one more way not only to reduce their monthly bills, but to do something good for the planet; and Sunlight Solar is very happy to provide that.”

Paul Israel, President of Sunlight Solar Energy, said, “Using the sun’s heat for warmth or to make hot water is the original form of solar energy and still the most cost effective.  It is a wonderful lifestyle decision to shower with water heated from the sun.  Solar thermal during the 1970’s was a huge job creator and so it shall be again.  We are excited about its return.”

Mr. Israel, also the founder of Sunlight Solar, noted that the company was started over 20 years ago with solar thermal products, which, at the time, was the only commercially available solar product on the market.   “We have recently seen the revival of our solar thermal branch in Oregon after so many years of just doing solar electric. It’s exciting to see that other states are catching on and adding thermal rebate programs, too.  We expect the CT thermal program to bring a rise in local green jobs and more sustainable homes.”

Sunlight Solar is a fully approved Solar Thermal Installer through the CCEF.  All domestic hot water projects, residential and non-residential installed by Sunlight Solar, are eligible for the CCEF, which amounts to about 45% of the total cost of the project. The company expects to see this use of stimulus money to increase local green-collar jobs in CT while providing more eco-friendly heating systems for CT residents.

 About Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.: Sunlight Solar Energy (SSE) ( designs and installs grid-tied solar electric and solar hot water systems for homes and businesses throughout Connecticut. Sunlight Solar is an Authorized Premier Dealer of SunPower products and has installed over 2.5 MW of solar electricity throughout the state.



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