Sungage Financial Lowers Minimum Credit Score

More and more people are choosing loans as financing for their solar projects. Solar loans can make a lot of sense for many homeowners, and they are about to make sense for even more now. Sungage Financial, a Boston-based company that offers zero-down solar loans, has just announced that they have lowered their FICO score minimum from 680 to 640.

Here at Sunlight Solar, we have worked with Sungage for several years. Their loan products have made it easier for more people to own their solar systems and save more money on their utility bills in the long run. Homeownewrs who might have applied for a Sungage loan and been denied because of FICO score are invited to reapply. You can ask your solar installer that you applied for the loan with originally to send you a new application link. If you applied within the past 45 days, no new credit check is required.

To learn more about solar loans and the benefits of ownership, click here.

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