Solar At Westmoor Park

We love completing municipal solar installations because the benefits are so numerous. We recently energized a solar photovoltaic system at Westmoor Park in West Hartford, CT. Westmoor Park is unique in that it is more than a town park- it is a self-funded environmental education center.

The park is located on 162 acres of land. We installed a 4.6kW solar array on the roof of a barn at Westmoor Park’s demonstration farm. The system is comprised of 14 LG 335-watt solar modules and a SolarEdge SE3800A inverter with power optimizers. The large-format modules allow for higher production with fewer modules.

The farm is home to a variety of barnyard animals and a garden of seasonal vegetables and flower beds. The park also features numerous hiking trails, and an education center where classes on environmental studies are held for children and adults of all ages. The park operates daily and the public is welcome! The farm is open from 9AM-4PM daily, and hiking trails are open from 7AM to dusk. We encourage anyone to take a drive up and pay a visit- it’s a great day trip!

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