SolAire Homebuilders x Sunlight Solar: Net Zero Home Case Study – Terrebonne, Oregon

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Richard Bone and Lani Rapaport had been residents of Seattle, Washington for years. While they loved the culture and vibrancy of the big city, they yearned to live closer to the Earth. They’d always dreamed of growing their own food, having barnyard animals, and living a life of self-sustainability. A smaller footprint and ready access to all their favorite outdoor activities are what they found when they decided to move to Terrebonne, Oregon.

Situated in the shadow of the infamous Smith Rock, Terrebonne’s temperate climate and nearly 300 days of sun make it a dream location to live a life of responsible sustainability. The small town’s proximity to Bend is just close enough to the culture and activity of an urban area, yet far enough away where traffic and overcrowding aren’t a part of everyday reality.

terrebonne solar

When considering what type of sustainable home they wanted to build, Richard and Lani were initially drawn to Avrame Homes. These A-Frame style homes are touted for both their luxury and energy efficiency. In many cases, they’re easily assembled with full off-grid capability. The realization soon came that they would need a professional builder to help with them with their home’s assembly. After a little digging, Richard found Mike and Cindi O’Neil, the owners of SolAire Homebuilders. Heeding their advice, the couple opted for a stick built home with a roofline where solar panels could be easily installed. Though the building process took some time, Richard and Lani couldn’t be happier with their SolAire Net Zero home.

Just how energy efficient is their dream home? To begin, it’s Earth Advantage Platinum Certified. Developed in 2000, this Pacific Northwest certification is best-in-class when it comes to recognizing sustainable homes and their builders, like SolAire. The certification far exceeds municipal code standards and is coveted throughout the region. The home is 1,260 square feet and is powered by a Net Zero Grid Tied PV System that operates at six kW. For energy backup, the residence employs a Tesla battery backup system. Energy efficient windows, LED lighting, energy star appliances, and VOC-free paint and materials all work together to make Richard and Lani’s home as energy efficient as possible. Vaulted ceilings in larger rooms allow for plenty of natural light. Lower ceilings in the bedrooms create a quaint, cozy ambiance perfect for a great night’s sleep and relaxation.

Suffice it to say, Richard and Lani, working closely with SolAire Homebuilders and Sunlight Solar, have realized their dream home in the ideal location. Today, the couple regularly partake in their favorite pastimes of tending their vegetable garden and climbing the many routes on Smith Rock. At the end of a full day of outdoor activities, they know they can rest easy in a home full of love and comfort that’s self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

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  1. Very well done Richard, Lani, Sunlight Solar and SolAire! What a great example of truly sustainable building and design. Keep up the inspiring work everyone!

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