Shoreline Basic Needs Task Force Announces Sustainability Palooza!

Sustainability is becoming much more than a buzzword lately. Living sustainably should be a basic need for people. The Shoreline Basic Needs Task Force has taken note of this, and will be holding an event at the end of the month to encourage sustainable living practices.

The task force was founded in 2012, after a forum held by the Shoreline Soup Kitchens and Pantries. The task force is a collaboration of community groups and individuals “working to affect change that increases self-sufficiency among vulnerable individuals and families in need along the Connecticut Shoreline”. The task force regular holds events and forums. Sustainability-Palooza is a free event and attendees will have an opportunity to learn about local farming and gardening, transportation choices, energy conservation, raising backyard livestock, reuse and recycling, solar energy, nutrition and cost-effective sustainability practices.

Organizations that promote sustainability and renewable resources along the Connecticut shoreline will be in attendance, including Sunlight Solar Energy! Check the Shoreline Basic Needs Task Force facebook page for posts on other groups that will be there.

Sustainability-Palooza will take place from 1-3 PM at the Westbrook YMCA at 201 Spencer Plains Road in Westbrook, Saturday February 28.

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