Residential Solar Investment Program Step 7 Commences

The Connecticut Green Bank, formerly known as the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, has announced that Step 7 of the the Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP) will commence on April 11, 2015.

The good thing is that means that more people are going solar! Step 6 had a target of 10MW of approved projects which has been achieved. Another good thing is that there are still incentives available. Starting April 11, for systems sized 0-10kW, there is an incentive of $0.54 per watt. For systems sized 10-20kW, there is an incentive of $0.40 for each watt over 10kW.

Each site has a specific design factor that is determined by its conditions- including shading and roof orientation. As long as the design factor is calculated to be at least 80%, the system is eligible for the full incentive. Lower design factors are still eligible for an incentive, but it will decrease according to the calculated design factor. During the site survey, a system designer will calculate this, so that when a homeowner receives a proposal for a solar system, they will be able to know if they will receive the full incentive or not.

The best thing to do if you are thinking about solar is to have a free site survey. During the site survey, our system designers will educate you on the current incentives available and help you to make a smart buying decision.

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