Now Is The Time For Solar In CT

It’s a great time for solar in Connecticut, and for another big reason. The Connecticut Green Bank, formerly known as the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, has announced that Step 6 of the Residential Solar Investment Program(RSIP) will launch on January 1. This means that the incentives previously offered will decrease by 20-25% on this day.

Right now, the average solar PV system state incentive is about $5600. As of January 1, depending on the size of your system, the cash incentive will decrease by $1000-$2000.

Homeowners who sign a contract by December 31 will be eligible to get the full incentive. If you have been considering solar for your home, the time to act is now! Call our Connecticut office at 203-878-9123 to find out more information or to schedule a free site survey. You can also request a site survey online.

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