New SMA Product Designed to Help During Power Outages

For safety reasons, solar electric systems cannot provide electricity to a house or building during a power outage.  Until now, a solar electric system could only be utilized during an outage with the aid of a battery back-up system.

Due to the expense of batteries, it is not an option often pursued.  SMA, the world’s largest manufacturer of solar electric inverters, realized this issue and presented an answer with the release of their most recent line of inverters.

SMA’s new line of inverters now offers the capability of providing a small amount of daytime power during a power outage.  This special line of inverters has a dedicated outlet that can provide up to 1,500 watts of power.  Though this will not power the high electric-consuming items in your household, you can use it to charge your cell phone, laptop, and other small electrical items etc.

This line of inverters boasts other special features such as a transformerless design and multiple power point trackers.  To learn about SMA’s inverter, visit SMA’s website here.

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