Meet Connecticut’s New Engineer

Engineer Ron Tooker Joins SSE Connecticut Staff

NEW HAVEN, CT- September, 2014- Here at Sunlight Solar, we are proud to have a skilled team that is constantly operating at a superior level. We are also continuously striving for excellence and seeking out new ways to maximize performance. Ron Tooker has recently joined our Connecticut staff as an engineer, and has brought with him an extensive resume as well as a proactive mindset to the company.

Ron’s background is in nuclear energy; his previous jobs include management of a research reactor, designing nuclear fuel, and working on-site at a power station. Ron says solar has “always been a dream; a passion that I never realized until recently when I decided to change industries. I felt like I was working for the wrong team.” He did not simply jump into the line of solar without extensive preparation, however. Before Ron joined our office this year, he went back to school to receive specific training. He holds a master’s degree in nuclear engineering, and went back to school to get certificates in solar technology and electronics. Ron is now preparing for the NABCEP exam, and working on a photovoltaic trade license as well. NABCEP, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, is quickly raising the industry standards, which can greatly increase consumer confidence.

Ron will soon be taking on the responsibility of modernizing Sunlight Solar’s drawing system. In the very near future, we will begin producing professional CAD drawings locally in our New Haven, Connecticut office. The ability to generate these drawings will increase the efficiency in the process of designing and installing each system. With the greater amount of accuracy and precision that will be available, Sunlight Solar will offer a more streamlined approach to designing both residential and commercial projects.

Ron Tooker “walks the walk” so to speak both inside and outside the office. He is currently installing a solar PV system on his home. He agrees with many of our customers that the investment of solar is primarily a financial decision. However, the stewardship aspect is what really drove his decision, and Ron stresses the idea of building an energy efficient house that will heat and power itself.  Ron says, “My real passion has to do with building stuff. I like to work with my hands; I like to create, design, build.” Which is the main reason why he is handling nearly 100% of the installation process for his own home, save for the steps that require a licensed electrician. There is a quality of empowerment that exists in the area of solar that makes it unique from other fields. That is what Ron likes best about his line of work. He says about solar consumers,

“They are gaining a level of freedom- of independence from the electric grid. What we are doing here is going to directly affect peoples’ lives, and to me, that is the most exciting part of it.”

As the company creating these life changes, it is great to have an asset like Ron on board with us. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a free site survey, click here.

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