Marblehead family goes solar to save money and the environment.

Marblehead, MA – October 11, 2010 – For Immediate Release- Marblehead resident Dan Albert is joining the growing number of Massachusetts homeowners who are looking forward to making money by generating their own solar electricity.  His newly installed 6.3 kW photovoltaic system is estimated to cover approximately 120% of his annual electric usage and will provide his home with free, renewable energy for decades to come.

Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc., a Newton-based company that designed and installed the system, estimates that the system will pay for itself after about six years, thanks to state and federal tax credits, income from Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and substantial rebates from the Marblehead Municipal Light Department (MMLD).

Dan Albert was looking for ways to reduce his carbon footprint for years before he decided that alternative energy made sense for him and his family.  No stranger to energy conservation, the Albert’s have high efficiency appliances, use a clothesline rather than a dryer, and drive an electric VW Beetle for commuting rather than taking their minivan.  Not only is Albert’s solar installation going to benefit his wallet and environmental impact, but it has provided a learning opportunity for the whole family. “My kids think it’s cool,” says Albert, who has explained how the grid works to his children.  Since his solar electric system is tied to the grid, he will be able to sell his excess output back to the light department.

The MMLD solar rebate provides $1.00 off per kilowatt of a solar system cost, plus an additional 10 cents per kilowatt if the installation contains a Massachusetts manufactured component.  “MMLD recognizes the interest and need to reduce our carbon footprint with the implementation of clean renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics,” says Cindy Snow, Energy Services Advisor of MMLD.  “The use of Massachusetts manufactured components helps local businesses while also increasing the potential rebate amount for our customers.”

With the Gulf oil spill and utility rate increases on the forefront of local and national dialogue, alternative energy is becoming a more realistic and sensible alternative for consumers.  “Once people see the numbers and calculate their return on investment, they realize solar energy is a viable alternative to paying the utility company every month,” says Amy Levine of Sunlight Solar Energy.  For anyone else interested in going solar, Albert recommends to “run the numbers and find a reputable installer.”  Watch a video of his meter spinning backwards at

Interested residents can contact Sunlight Solar Energy for a free site evaluation at (781) 373 3263 or visit for more information.


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