Electricity Rates 101

Here at Sunlight Solar, we size solar systems based on what you need. Our proposals will show you how much of your usage will be produced by solar, as well as how much money you can save. With the changes in rates across the state of Connecticut, it is important to know how to read your utility bill to find out how much you are paying for each kilowatt hour you use.

To figure out your rate per kilowatt hour, take the new charges on your bill, subtract any fixed charges (for a residence, this is generally only your distribution charge), and divide by the billed usage, which is taken from your meter reading.

For example,

Total new charges: $96.20

-Distribution Customer Service Charge: $16.00


Billed usage: 420 kWh


Cost per kilowatt hour: $0.19

To see an example of a CL&P bill (which may also say Eversource now), click here.

To see an example of a United Illuminating bill, click here.

Don’t forget, one of the benefits of going solar is that you can escape electricity increases! If you are thinking about going solar, you can also ask any questions you have about your bill when you schedule a site survey.

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