CT State Officials Promote Solar For Earth Day

While Earth Day was last week, solar energy can be utilized 365 days a year. Connecticut state officials did use the annual green holiday to offer homeowners advice on solar installations and promotions. Jonathan A. Harris, Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner, says “the best way for consumers to protect themselves when an offer seems too good to be true is to do their homework“. Harris also gave a point that our system designers often tell homeowners- “remember not to rush into a decision”.

Bryan Garcia, president of the freshly branded Connecticut Green Bank, gave some average numbers for solar installations in the state. Garcia says that the average residential solar power system in Connecticut costs $32,000, and the average state and federal tax incentives are about $11,500.

ConnecticutPlus.com provides a list of tips for things to consider when deciding on a solar installer. Because we at Sunlight Solar know how important it is to make an educated decision, we will also be featuring a series of our own blog posts about how to compare solar quotes. Stay tuned to the Sunlight Solar blog to find out more!

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