Critter Guard: Protect Your Solar Panel System

Critter Guard installed by Sunlight Solar Massachusetts on a rooftop solar system.

What is a Critter Guard?

A critter guard is a mesh covering that goes around the perimeter of a solar panel system. This covering effectively keeps squirrels, other wildlife, and leaf buildup away from the underneath of your system. This is critical to ensuring your system remains productive throughout its lifetime and preventing the need for costly repairs.

Why install Critter Guard?

Squirrel damage is a big reason Sunlight Solar Massachusetts receives service calls. Squirrels will chew wires when building their nests, causing damage to the system that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. In order to prevent this, and ensure that your solar panel system remains producing year-round, we use Critter Guard.

In addition to keeping away critters from underneath your panels, Critter Guard also protects your system from leaf litter and other debris build up, which can become a fire hazard and lead to roof rot.

Damage on solar panel wiring from chewing squirrels on a home in Massachusetts shown above.

How can I ensure my system is installed with Critter Guard?

Sunlight Solar Energy Massachusetts builds critter guard costs into our quotes automatically so that wildlife and your system remain safe. You can see just how effective these critter guards are in the video below. The squirrel, who may want to make their home under this solar panel system, can no longer access the roof. This homeowner can rest assured that they can avoid paying thousands to repair a system damaged by squirrels and other wildlife. Don’t miss out on valuable sun energy while waiting for your system to be repaired.

Critter Guard installed on a rooftop system in Newton, MA by Sunlight Solar Massachusetts.

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