Connecticut Residential Solar Investment Program Step 9 Begins February 1

Over the past several years, the state of Connecticut has offered generous incentives to its residents for going solar. These incentives are still available, but they are beginning to decrease over time. It has just been announced that the next “stepdown” will occur on February 1st. The current Expected Performance Based-Buydown (EPBB) incentive is $0.540/watt. Starting February 1, this incentive will decrease to $0.513. The capacity target for Step 9 is 30 MW. Once this target has been reached, the incentive will decrease again to $0.487.

Reddington Installaion

With these deadlines in place, it’s still a great time to go solar in Connecticut. If solar has been a consideration for you, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a site survey. Starting the process now will ensure that your system is installed in time to take full advantage of sunnier spring days!



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