Connecticut: A Great Solar State

A lot of people think of the sunniest states such as Arizona or Florida as the best states in the US for solar. While they do get a lot of sun, there are a lot of reasons why Sunlight Solar’s home of Connecticut makes sense for solar power. Breaking Energy published a story responding to the recent study the National Renewable Energy Laboratory did to compare solar policies across the United States. It turns out that Connecticut holds a high spot on the list measuring unsubsidized economic potential of residential solar systems. Connecticut is actually the third on the list, behind California and Hawaii, with a high potential of lifetime revenue from net metering. Check out the basics of net metering here.

The Nutmeg State’s installation costs are relatively low in comparison to the rest of the nation, too, according to a report by Berkeley Lab. The state and federal incentives help, too. However, the state incentives will be decreasing as of January 1, 2015. The new incentive will be $0.67 per watt for systems up to 10kW and $0.40 per watt for anything over 10kW but less than 20kW.

The Solar Connecticut website states that the cumulative residential installation capacity is currently over 10,000kW, or 10 megawatts. The commercial capacity is 12 megawatts.