Blog 10/4/10: Sunlight Solar PA Welcomes Leasing Program

Move over, Ben Franklin!

So it’s official, folks: Sunlight Solar Energy has set up shop in Philadelphia and we are ready and eager to provide our award-winning services to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There has been a lot of buzz in the press these days about the rapidly progressing solar markets here and we wanted to be a part of it! But you know what they say: you shouldn’t go to a dinner party empty-handed. So we are bringing with us to PA a solar leasing program!

That’s right. You now have the option of leasing a solar energy system for your home as opposed to buying it outright. With nominal money down and a fixed low monthly rate for 15 years, it is a very appealing alternative to your current system, especially as utility rates continue to climb. After the 15 year term, you then have the option to buy the system at remaining cost, extend your lease for five more years at a reduced rate, or simply return it.

Strike while the iron is hot!

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