Blog 11/11/10: Spin Your Meter Backwards – In Action!

Around noon on August 4th of this year, Portland General Electric installed a bi-directional meter at the Herring residence in Beaverton, Oregon. This was the equivalent of flipping the light switch to “on” for the 2.4 kW solar electric modules atop the Herring residence. The system consists of (12) Evergreen 200-watt solar electric (aka photovoltaic, or PV) modules and  (1) PV Powered 2500 inverter, all of which are assembled and/or manufactured in the U.S.A. PV Powered is even manufactured in Bend, the home of our flagship store and company headquarters.

The picture is courtesy of Mr. Herring’s Google Power Monitoring Feed and accounts for almost the exact moment at which the system was interconnected to PGE. This is a striking example of what it looks like to spin your meter backwards and turn sunlight into savings!

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