Battery Back-Up / Resiliency

battery storage

Solar and Batteries for Power Outages

There are many reasons for using batteries with your solar system.

solar battery
  • If the power goes down you can still run important appliances
  • During hot days in the summer – when everyone is running air conditioning – and the utility has a shortage of power – you are a solution not a problem.
  • Peace of mind
  • Power outages are becoming more prevalent.

The technology has evolved considerably over the last five years. 

Basically we need to take any of the important breakers in your electric breaker  panel/box and move them to a dedicated breaker panel/ box.     This is known as a ‘critical loads panel’ and is required by the City building department.  These are the circuit breakers we power during an outage.  

Popular appliances are the refrigerator, television and an outlet to charge your cell phone or computer.

The size and cost of the battery system is driven by what you want to power during a power outage.

We also need to assess if your current solar system can be used with the battery systems or if you need to upgrade – your inverter.

Call us to determine a general cost and to assess your current system.

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