Solar Readiness on All New Construction

solar panels on a roof

Let Sunlight Solar do your solar pre-wire! We do it right!

The 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) requires all new detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses to be solar ready.

Solar Ready Details in Central Oregon

  • Construction documents shall indicate a 300 square foot solar-ready zone.
  • Conduit or MC cable be run from the main electrical panel to under the solar roof.
  • Termination of the solar ready conduit or MC cable must be in a square metal junction box by the main electrical panel.
  • Space in the electrical service panel must be reserved for a double-pole circuit breaker.

Why We Should Do the Work:

  • We will look at the plans and talk with you or your customer to see what is best. Sometimes we run 3⁄4” EMT and sometimes MC cable. We have found a lot of technical problems when other contractors do the run.
  • We prefer to terminate on the roof with a solar junction box that looks like a bronze roof vent. This allows us to avoid going into the attic later.
  • We also be work with the General Contractor, plumbers and other trades to make sure no pipes are located on the south or solar roof area.

BATTERIES / SOLAR + STORAGE: Code doesn’t require prewire, but customers are increasingly wanting batteries with solar. Call us for a quote to pre-wire for storage.

Call us to get a quote on getting your new construction Solar Ready. Do it right the first time. Especially your COBA Tour Home.

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