Join Us at the Clean Energy Conference on July 13!

Central Oregon’s high desert is known for its wealth of sunshine and beautiful natural spaces. This mountain town offers many opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors, but how do we continue to preserve our natural resources for years to come?

Opportunities for a sustainable future are all around us in Central Oregon. The effort to Un-Bag Bend, a push to ban plastic bags by local activists and sixth graders, and businesses like Worthy Brewing integrate sustainability into their core practices. Among the 27.5kW solar PV system and 56 solar thermal water panels that help reduce 15 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, Worthy Brewing also has a waste management program that composts 500 pounds of green waste and 10-12 tons of spent grains a year. The Environmental Center continues to host the Bend Energy Challenge which reduces energy in Bend households by installing free LED light bulbs.

It’s these seemingly small initiatives from businesses, organizations and community members that together can gain traction. Environmental change happens when communities come together to discuss current conditions and strategies to preserve the natural beauty of their state. Those who live in Central Oregon have the perfect opportunity to show their green side at the second-annual Clean Energy Conference.

On July 13, 2018, 350 Deschutes will host a forum to bring local businesses, organizations, and individuals together to discuss the most pressing issues and opportunities that will aid in transforming their lives through clean energy.

Many different industries will have the opportunity to present their visions for the future at this event. Topics include strategic energy management, alternative fuels, solar energy, waste reduction, and renewable materials.

Now is our opportunity to make the transition into a cleaner energy system. 

Join us at the Clean Energy Conference and become part of the conversation!

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July 13, 2018  –  9:00AM – 6:00PM

Aspen Hall at Shevlin Park

18920 Shevlin Road

Bend, OR 97709