Sunlight Solar Provides Free Paneling for Colorado Homes


Sunlight Solar Energy is proud to announce a new partnership with the Weatherization Assistance Program in Colorado! The Arapahoe County Weatherization Division selected Sunlight Solar as one of three photovoltaic (PV) system installers for their program. Together with Xcel Energy and the Colorado Energy Office, our goal is to provide free PV systems, installation, and maintenance for 300 qualified low-income homes in Arapahoe and Adams county over the next three years.

What is weatherization?

      Weatherization provides long-term energy and financial savings for homeowners seeking to upgrade their electric systems. The process involves conserving energy through the installation of cost-effective technology (such as solar panels) that reduces energy bills and improves efficiency. Weatherization can even help moderate indoor temperatures.

Why solar?

       Electricity comes at a high price in today’s data-driven world. For those who want to minimize their energy costs and move toward a more self-sustained electric system, solar is the smart, eco-friendly way to go. Solar panels can eliminate 75-120% of a household’s monthly electric bill, providing homeowners with an average savings of $20,000-$30,000 over their system’s lifetime. Even after 25 years, our panels will retain 80% of their original power output. At Sunlight Solar, taking the next step toward renewable energy has never been easier.

Who is eligible?

       To qualify for free weatherization services, residents must live in Arapahoe or Adams County and either receive benefits from the qualifying programs listed below or meet the following household income guidelines:

Residents who receive benefits from any of the following programs are automatically qualified for our weatherization services: Colorado Works (TANF), SNAP, Aid to the Needy Disabled, Old Age Pension, Supplemental Security Income, or LEAP.

Income-eligible residents of Arapahoe or Adams County can request an application from the Arapahoe County Weatherization Division by phone, email, or by downloading an electronic application online.

Arapahoe County Weatherization Division
Phone: 303.636.1982        Email: [email protected]
Online: (Click on ‘County Services’ and ‘Weatherization’)

For questions regarding Sunlight Solar Energy services in Colorado, please visit
ou can also reach our office at 719.663.0300 or email [email protected].