Bringing Light Back to Puerto Rico


The destruction caused by Hurricane Maria on September 20 remains a major challenge for millions of Americans living in Puerto Rico.  Many still do not have access to medical care and clean drinking water due to a prevalent lack of electricity across the island. We at Sunlight Solar know relief is possible for those in need of alternative energy.

We’ve partnered with Amicus Solar Cooperative and AMURTEL to create Power on Puerto Rico, an ambitious relief effort whose mission is to design, construct, and deploy 100 portable, off-grid solar systems to remote community centers where the need for energy is greatest. These panels will supply power to boil water, charge cell phones, rechargeable lights, radios, and other low-load, high-value items for thousands who were left behind in the path of Maria’s destruction. They are not forgotten, and with our preliminary launch of 10 new units to Puerto Rico by the end of this year, they will not be alone.

 We aim to create a greater sense of hope and safety by restoring power throughout parts of the island that are still in the dark, and our panels will soon be supporting hundreds of families at no cost to their communities. When our units are no longer essential to the area, they will be deployed to other parts of the territory or to offshore locations.

You can help us bring light back to Puerto Rico!
All donations to Power on Puerto Rico are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Visit to make a check or cash contribution. To arrange a donation of materials or services, please email [email protected].

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