18th Annual Green Tour – September 29, 2018

The Environmental Center is at it again with their 18th Annual Green Tour in Central Oregon!

On September 29, 2018, Central Oregonians have an opportunity to visit residential and commercial buildings that are reducing their carbon footprint. As Bend and neighboring communities continue to grow and develop, it’s important for us to understand best practices for energy efficient buildings and ways to reduce our carbon impact. As the Environmental Center states, “…in Bend, buildings account for 57% of our carbon emissions. If we’re going to reduce our community’s contribution to climate pollution and global warming, buildings must be a part of the conversation.” What better way to see examples of smarter, cleaner buildings than to visit the homes and businesses on the Green Tour.

This year, there are three residential homes and 1 commercial building on the tour that’s equipped with a Sunlight Solar Energy solar electric PV systems. Be sure to visit sites #3, #4, #6 & #7 for more details about the solar installation.

Green Tour Sites with Sunlight Solar Energy PV Systems

Site #3 Zero Energy, Zero Emissions

8.64 kW Solar PV System

1363 NW Mt. Washington Drive, Bend

Site #4 3 Pines

5.31 kW Solar PV System

62635 Mt. Thielsen Drive, Bend

Site #6 Bethlehem Inn

91.6 kW Solar PV System

3705 N Highway 97, Bend

Site #7 Crack in the Ground

11 kW Solar PV System

338 NW Roanoke Ave, Bend