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Residential Solar

Energize Your Home with Solar

Professional residential installations have been at the heart of Sunlight Solar Energy for over 25 years. Through hundreds of installations in both the Northwest and New England, we have grown from a small, spunky, start-up business to a highly professional and efficient installation company. Our focus on efficiency, communication, and technical design assures that our clients receive the quality service they need to achieve their energy goals.

At Sunlight Solar Energy, we still approach all our work as a small business — single owner, positive attitude, customer-oriented, personal attention, and a focus on education above sales. We love teaching people about solar because there is so much good news to share:

  • Solar panels are sleek, beautiful, and more affordable than ever.
  • As energy costs continue to rise, many homeowners are learning that solar not only makes for a greener planet but a greener bank account too.
  • Solar technology uses sunlight to produce efficient, cost-effective, and emission-free electricity that can help power your home for decades.

Residential Solar Electricity

From custom system design and financing to top-quality installation and monitoring systems that track your solar output, Sunlight Solar handles every step along your journey toward energy independence.

Learn more about the solar process and our incentives, or schedule a complimentary site survey to find out if your home is a good match for solar.