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Massachussets Referral Program

 $400-$575 for Sunlight Solar Customers: For each referral you can earn $400-$575.  The referral bonus is $575 if the solar array is above 5 kW and $400 if the solar array is 5 kW or below.

$250 for Non-Customers: If you are enthusiastic about solar but not a Sunlight Solar Energy customer you can still earn money!  For each person you refer to us who completes an install, you will earn $250.

1% of Total System Cost for Companies/OrganizationsIf a business or organization refers a residential customer to us who completes an install, we will send a check for 1% of the total system cost.  On average, 1% of a system equates to $200-$500.

Details: For all referrals, the referred customer must complete an install with Sunlight Solar Energy.  Bonuses are sent 4-6 weeks after the referred customer’s final payment is sent.  The number of referrals is unlimited.  If you earn $600 or more a year, we will ask for a W-9 and the referral (s) will be taxed.  This referral program is specific to Massachusetts residents and only applies to residential referrals.  The program does not apply to customers and affiliates of the Newton Solar Challenge.

There are a several ways to join our referral program:

  • Have the referred party contact us by email or phone.  Remember to have them mention your name!
  • Contact us with readily available contact information of the referring party and we’ll call them as soon as we can!
  • Direct them to our online site where they can fill out a form to have us contact them at their preferred time and method. Remember to have that person mention your name.
  • Allow Sunlight Solar to host an event, luncheon or solar open house where you can invite your family, friends and neighbors.