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Solar Ready

Public concern over the environment, the popularity of renewable energy sources, solar panel pricing and state/federal incentives are just a few of the driving factors contributing to the rise in solar panel installations on commercial buildings. Given the double digit life expectancy of commercial buildings, it is very likely buildings erected today will have a solar installation in the future and should consider building solar ready.

What is solar ready?

A building designed to accommodate the future installation of a solar system

What are the benefits to designing a building to be solar ready?

  • Incentives from ETO up to $20,000
  • Don’t have to commit to a full installation
  • Makes it easier and more cost effective to add solar later
  • No changing roof structure
  • No opening walls for conduit run (aesthetics)
  • No finding or creating space for added solar components
  • Makes the building more marketable to tenants and buyers
  • Maximizes the size and performance of a future solar system

Is there a class I can take to learn more?

Yes! In fact, Sunlight Solar Energy instructs an American Institute of Architects (AIA) certified course that counts toward earning continuing education credits. The course is free and is conveniently held at your office during the lunch hour. Call us today at 541-322-1910 (Bend office) to schedule your Lunch and Learn session!

Course Title: Solar Ready – Your Commercial Building
Course Number: 69
Delivery Name: Oregon Solar Energy Association
Curriculum Group Name: AIA Providers
Credit Designation: LU|HSW