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Commercial Solar Electric Incentives

Power your building. Empower your business. 


Most commercial solar projects are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. You can also read about the Federal Tax Incentive here.

The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) incentive offers Pacific Power and PGE customers a cash rebate paid to the customer pending their approval of the system. The incentives vary based on your electricity provider and the size of your system.

ETO Commercial Incentives


For more information and to calculate your incentive, visit the The Energy Trust of Oregon Commercial page or call Sunlight Solar at 541.322.1910. 

The Oregon Department of Energy also offers funding in the form of a competitive grant. The Renewable Energy Development (RED) grant can be up to 35% of the project cost and may not exceed $250,000.

Pacific Power and PGE customers also have the option of forgoing the previous two incentives and utilizing the Oregon Solar Incentive Program (Pacific Power)/ Solar Payment Option (PGE). Through this program you get paid a premium rate for the energy that your produce for 15 years. It is a competitive program to get into and you must energy into a lottery on either April 1st, 2014.

Other Funding Opportunities

Projects in rural areas may be eligible for the USDA’s Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) grant.

Call us today at 541.322.1910 to discuss the options available or to schedule a free site evaluation of your commercial building.