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What is a Site Survey?

When you are ready, we can send a Systems Designer to your home to evaluate your site. The Systems Designer will record, measure, or analyze the following information:

  • Roof design, shingle age and condition
  • Orientation, height, and pitch of roof(s)
  • Available roof space for solar panels, roof vent locations, skylights, etc
  • Electric service panel suitability, including extra space for a new dedicated breaker
  • Existing hot water set-up, including tank (CT only)
  • Tree shading and other factors that will affect system production
  • Any other factors impacting system price and performance

After the Systems Designer has gathered this information he or she can discuss your potential options for a solar electric  of solar hot water (CT only) system. He or she will be able to provide you with the following information:

  • Suggested number, type and manufacturer of solar panels or collectors
  • Estimated energy production of the system
  • Financial information including rebate details, tax credits, annual electric savings, and return on investment
  • Sales Proposal

Sunlight Solar Energy is available to conduct site surveys all throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

Contact us today to schedule your free site survey!