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What is a Site Evaluation?

When you are ready, we can send a System Designer to your home to evaluate your site. The System Designer will record, measure, or analyze the following information:

  • Roof design, shingle age and condition
  • Orientation, height, and pitch of roof(s)
  • Available roof space for solar panels, roof vent locations, skylights, etc
  • Electric service panel suitability, including extra space for a new dedicated breaker
  • Tree shading and other factors that will affect system production
  • Any other factors impacting system price and performance

After the System Designer has gathered this information he or she can discuss your potential options and will be able to provide you with the following information:

  • Suggested number, type and manufacturer of solar panels or collectors
  • Estimated energy production of the system
  • Financial information including tax credits, annual electric savings, and return on investment
  • Sales Proposal

Contact us today to schedule your free site evaluation!