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Why Sunlight Solar




Est. 1988


You’ve been thinking about solar for a while, and now it’s time to choose a company to install your panels. With over thirty years of experience in the solar industry and more than 3000 installs nationwide, we know exactly what it takes to do quality work that stands the test of time. Solar panels will produce electricity for decades, which is why you need a company that consistently provides professional installations with the future in mind. We’ve established a trusted brand through our five offices across the country—each home to highly-trained teams specializing in the solar climates of their area—to ensure that we continue to have a strong impact in the individual communities we serve. When you take energy into your own hands, Sunlight Solar promises to be there to empower and support you through every step of the journey.



What We Value


Our priority is to help you make informed decisions about your energy needs. Whether it be for your home or business, our team is always available as a resource for accurate solar photovoltaic system advice and expertise. You can trust that we offer precise designs and competitive pricing in each of our proposals, backed by our warranties and state-of-the-art equipment. Take a moment to speak with a consultant directly to find out if solar is right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions— We’re here to help!



Knowledge and Experience


The people who visit your property and climb on your roof should be trustworthy and experienced professionals. Our installation teams are NABCEP-certified with the Solar Energy International school of applied solar training and are approved by OSHA’s construction safety course, ensuring clean and consistent work that meets all industry standards. Additionally, our licensed Journeyman Electricians and CAD-assisted technical designers make sure that we do our job right the first time to get your building’s electricity running smooth on solar energy. Click here to view our featured projects or learn about the first step in creating a professional photovoltaic system.



Turnkey Installations


We offer full solar electric services, from plansets to power-on, without subcontracting. When you say ‘yes’ to solar, leave it to us to take care of every step needed to mount panels on your property and make the sun start working for you. We handle all permitting and licenses associated with installing a new system in-office, and our team will keep in touch with you throughout the solar process to let you know what comes next and when.



Our Testimonials


Word travels fast, especially in today’s data-driven environment. Online reviews can be helpful when deciding where to invest your business, and we love hearing what people have to say about ours! Quality work and professional services are a great part of what makes our customers excited for their new systems— so much that they want to share the news. We’re proud of our reputation in all five states where we design and install solar, and we invite you to read what our customers are saying:



Connecticut / Rhode Island





Our Partners


We at Sunlight Solar know that one company can’t transform America’s energy industry by itself. With the help of our partners, however, we’re able to employ our small-business approach to solar in bigger ways.

It takes a whole network to power the lights in your home; it takes a different kind of network to power those lights with renewable energy. Our network consists of reputable and reliable suppliers, such as SolarEdge for our inverters and system monitoring, as well as organizations like AMICUS that connect us with other installers nationwide. From our disaster relief efforts with AMURTEL to ongoing training with Tesla for selling and installing the PowerWall battery, we are always growing in our knowledge and influence within the solar industry.

Click here to view a complete list of our partners.

We also like to get involved with our state housing and building associations to meet with local builders and represent renewable energy products in the field of new home construction. Learn about upcoming events in your area by visiting our newsroom.