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Our Guarantee



Solar panels have an average life of 40 years, so we build our systems to last decades.

High-performing panels with certified installations are the key to ensuring that a system continues to produce the energy needed to power your future, and that’s exactly what Sunlight Solar guarantees.


10-Year Workmanship Warranty

All necessary labor and maintenance associated with your system is covered for 10 years beginning on the date of final electrical inspection, and SSE will repair or replace any defective components. *


25-Year Manufacturer’s Panel Production Warranty

We use quality solar panels that are time-tested to meet top industry standards nationwide. Our recommended panels, such as the U.S.-made SolarWorld Sunmodules, guarantee at least 80.2% of original electricity output after 25 years.


25-Year Extended Inverter and Optimizer Warranty

You’re looking for the best coverage available, which is why we offer an extended warranty to ensure that your inverter and optimizers are in good hands throughout their standard 10-year guarantee and well beyond.


5-Year Anniversary Production Guarantee

For a period of 5 years, Sunlight Solar warrants that your system’s energy production will be within 10% of the estimated annual kilowatt hour output stated on your Customer Purchase Agreement. Every year on the anniversary of utility interconnection, we will contact you for a review of how your panels are performing. If we find that your system production is less than 90% of our estimate, we will reimburse the difference at a rate of $0.10 per kilowatt hour. **


* Excludes components that, by absolute judgement of Sunlight Solar Energy (SSE), have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect or accident, alteration, non-observance of SSE’s maintenance instructions, repair or modifications performed by someone other than an SSE technician, power failure surges, lightning, flood, fire, elements that cause shading, accidental breakage, or other events outside of SSE’s control. This warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowner(s) for the duration of the warranty. A valid customer contract is required.

** In addition to a valid customer contract, installed and accessible online data monitoring that documents the full year of kilowatt-hour production is required to be eligible for the 5-Year Anniversary Production Guarantee. SSE is not responsible or financially liable to reimburse for losses resulting from network errors or other inaccuracies in online system data reporting. Extreme weather circumstances such as excessive snowfall shall be taken into consideration when calculating the annual kilowatt-hour production. This guarantee is only applicable to grid-tied systems purchased and installed after September 30, 2018 and excludes systems sold by individuals who are not employed by Sunlight Solar. Please check contract for proof of warranty.