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EV Charging

Sunlight Solar Energy is authorized to install some of the best in-home electric vehicle chargers in the industry. If you drive an electric vehicle, we can help you find a charging station that suits your energy needs.

Level 1 Chargers:

The majority of EV charging occurs at home. If you are using an outlet that was built into your home to charge your car, you are likely using a Level 1 charger or a 120-volt outlet. Level 1 outlets offer the slowest charge times for electric vehicles (approximate 4.5 miles of range per hour of charging). For example, if you drive a Nissan Leaf with a capacity of approximately 80 miles of real life driving on a full charge, the battery for that vehicle will require 17.7 hours to fully charge via a Level 1 outlet. Upgrading to a 240-volt outlet can almost triple the miles of range you get per hour of charging time. See the table for a comparison of fully-electric vs. hybrid vehicles and levels of charging.

Level 2 Chargers:
How to Upgrade with Sunlight Solar


1. We work with the top EV-charging manufacturers to pair your vehicle with the most efficient chargers on the market. We can help you choose from the three listed below:

Tesla Wall Charger


2. Your home charging station will be installed by licensed Journeyman Electricians that have completed training and certifications from each of the above manufacturers.

3. We can help you take the next step toward green energy by coupling your EV charging stations with a solar electric system on your roof. Sunlight Solar Energy is a local expert when it comes to residential solar, and we will customize a paneled system to offset the consumption of your home and electric vehicle.

Contact us today to speak with one of our solar / EV charging professionals.