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Power today. Save tomorrow.


Going Solar Today Could Save You 30% or more Off Of Your Total Cost! 


The current Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is 30% of your out of pocket cost. The tax credit is applicable to the year the system is installed and operational. 

As an added bonus, Pacific Power or Portland General Electric customers can also take advantage of cash incentives taken off the gross cost of your system to immediately reduce your cost to go solar!


2018 Tax Credit & Cash Incentives Breakdown

30% of total installation costs Federal ITC


ETO incentive for Pacific Power Customers or Portland General Electric Customers *

30% + savings for going solar today! 

*Note* Pacific Power and PGE cash incentive rates change throughout the year. The best way to secure your highest incentive rate is to act soon.




Ready to get started? Follow the steps below! 

  1. Schedule a home assessment By clicking the previous link or calling us at 541-322-1910. Kelly will get you set up for a FREE home solar assessment.
  2. One of our System Designers will come to your home and provide you with a tailored quote.
  3. We’ll work with your local jurisdiction to obtain all the necessary permits, your utility provider and if applicable, your HOA to get your system installed in a timely manner.
  4. Once you’ve paid the final invoice, we will direct you to the ITC form to apply for your federal tax credit (it’s downloadable from the government’s website).
  5. Wake up every morning for the next 20+ years knowing that the sun is powering your home!


Got Questions?

We LOVE to answer questions about going solar!

One of Sunlight Solar Energy’s core values is to empower our customers to make informed purchasing decisions. This is why we take the time to send one of System Designers out to your home to give you a quote tailored based on your roof, budget, and energy needs. Throughout the process if you’ve got 1 question or 100, we’re always here before, during, and after your installation to help you make the best decision for you and your energy future.


Don’t take our word for it! Check out what our previous customers are saying about going solar with us on our testimonials page here. 



Request a Free Consultation - OR

  • Please tell us the name of your electricity provider.
  • This helps us determine the system size you will need.
  • Share additional details about your project.