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Rebates and Incentives


In addition to the 30% Federal Tax Credit, solar incentives available to Connecticut residents can greatly reduce the cost of going green.


Connecticut State Rebate

The Connecticut Green Bank provides a state rebate for homeowners in Connecticut. The current incentive offers a $0.426 per watt rebate for the first 10,000 watts and $0.40 per watt for up to 20,000 watts for grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems.  Sunlight Solar applies for the rebate on your behalf, so the state rebate amount is deducted from your system investment immediately.  This means you do not need to pay the full price out-of-pocket and wait for your reimbursement.  Additionally, systems subsidized by Connecticut Green Bank may be sized to cover up to 100% of your home’s electricity requirements. 


Still have questions about what you can save by going solar?

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Schedule a Free Consultation - CT

What you get with a free consultation:

1. A solar professional will contact you to answer any of your questions and create an estimate for solar on your property.

2. You have the option of receiving an online quote from our system designers based on your monthly electricity usage or scheduling a complimentary site assessment to meet with them in-person.

3. We’re experts in sizing systems to fit your building and budget. We will work with you to create the energy system you're looking for.

4. We determine which solar rebates, credits, and incentives you can receive and will calculate a precise return on investment for your system.

5. We provide a wide variety of financing options to help you find a solar loan that suits your needs.

6. We communicate with local jurisdictions, utility companies, and HOAs to ensure that your project will be approved and completed in a timely manner.

7. Lastly, you are in no way obligated to purchase a system from us by submitting this form. Our goal is to inform you about your options with solar and what you can save over the life of a system.

••• Sunlight Solar will never sell your information to a third party. Phone numbers, emails, and addresses are for the sole use of Sunlight Solar employees to contact you and determine if your property is viable for solar installation. •••
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  • This helps us determine the system size you will need.
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