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Hybrid Systems

SunDrum® Solar LLC

SunDrum® Solar LLC is a manufacturer of hybrid PVT systems (Combined Photovoltaic and Thermal solutions). The SunDrum thermal collectors are a unique design in that they take advantage of the excess heat generated by solar irradiance from PV panels. PV panels currently convert 5-20% of the Sun’s energy into electricity. The remainder is absorbed as heat waste energy.

By attaching the SunDrum collector to the underside of a standard PV panel, the SunDrum system is able to capture up to 75% of the sun’s energy by maximizing electrical production and capturing previously waste heat. The heated water can be used for heating potable water, pools or for radiant heating.

The exclusive design of the SunDrum Solution thermal panel allows the greatest amount of renewable energy to be generated in a given amount of space. Further, by drawing heat directly from the PV panel, the SunDrum collector is able to cool it, thereby improving the electrical output by 5-10%.  SunDrum thermal collectors are compatible with most major PV panels on the market today.