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Solar Electric Systems


The Step-By-Step Solar Process:

  • Sunlight strikes the PV module and produces a flow of electrons that the system converts into DC (Direct Current) electricity, which is the same form of electricity produced by batteries.
  • Your home runs off AC electricity, or Alternating Current. To convert the DC electricity from the panels to the AC electricity for your home, we install an inverter (see the diagram). The inverter is usually installed as close as possible to your breaker box but can sometimes be installed outside.
  • The inverter is then wired to a new breaker in your panel that feeds electricity into your home (rather than pulling energy directly from the grid).
  • During the day, this will cause your utility meter to slow down or spin backwards. Now the solar panels are supplying electricity to your house and not the utility grid.

Sunlight Solar Energy is certified to install solar electric systems in homes and businesses in the following states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Oregon.  Schedule a free site survey to learn about solar and the incentives available in your state.