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Paul Israel

Paul Israel

Paul Israel founded Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc in 1988 in Sacramento, California. Paul, a native of New Hampshire, has a business degree from Temple University and has worked in the energy industry since 1987. Paul worked with American Solar Network (ASN), a Herndon, Virginia-based solar manufacturing company in 1989-90, and became an equity partner in 1991. He opened Sunlight Solar Energy in Redmond in 1997 and then moved the company to Bend in 2003. In 2004, Paul opened a second office in Milford, Connecticut as the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) was launching their solar incentive program, making Sunlight Solar one of the only CCEF-authorized solar contractors in the state at that time.

He co-founded the Central Oregon Green & Solar Home Tour as well as the Bend Bio-fuels Cooperative, both of which are still in existence and thriving today. Additionally, Paul was also one of the first individuals to become a Licensed Renewable Energy Technician (LRT) in the state of Oregon and currently sits on the board of directors for Oregon SEIA. Additionally, Sunlight Solar was the third Trade Ally ever designated by the Energy Trust of Oregon. In his 20+ years in the solar industry, he has overseen and managed over 4.5 megawatts (4,500 kW) of solar electric design and installation throughout the United States.