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James Mendez

James Mendez

James came onboard with Sunlight Solar in 2015 fully exposed to every aspect of solar: from system design and permitting, to ordering and coordinating, to installing systems on the ground. James’s first major project was assisting with the install of the 250kW ground mounted solar array at the SolarWorld campus. Before entering the professional realm, James attended Lane Community College in Eugene, OR and received an Associates of Renewable Energy Technology with a focus on solar thermal, photovoltaic system and design as well as energy management. While at Lane Community College, James also studied extracurricular coursework in AutoCAD and Revit drafting software to help better prepare himself to complete design drawing sets and blueprints used in the solar industry.

Before getting into solar, James was working for a communications company outfitting vehicles for the several police and fire department agencies across the state. His experience with wiring lighting, sirens and radios has proven to be helpful and transferable experience working with inverters and monitoring systems in solar. Additionally, James has a comprehensive background in construction and remodeling. In his spare time you can expect James to be found playing soccer for one of the many soccer leagues around the Portland area. James is also an avid mountain biker and snowboarding, competing in several race events throughout the year.