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At Sunlight Solar, we have created some very satisfied customers. We also have a large group of references; please contact us if you would like to speak directly with a satisfied solar homeowner in your area. Here is what a few of them had to say about their systems!

Eileen Russell, Milford CT, solar-powered since 2009:

“In the peak of the summer, with our central air on 78 all the time, our hot tub, and a dehumidifier on all the time, two refrigerators, and our ceiling fans on a lot, our bill has never gone over $150…I love looking at the meter to see how many lbs of CO2 have not entered the environment.”

David Yarmoff, Westport CT, solar-powered since 2007:

“We installed our 56 panel array in 2007 and it has been virtually maintenance free since then…It is the best financial and environmental decision I’ve ever made.”

Ron Cozzolino, Essex CT, solar-powered since 2014:

“I like to have the latest things. I like to help the world reduce global warming. I think it might be nice to save some money in the future. And I think they look cool. “

Elaine Brodeur, Bethlehem CT, solar-powered since 2009:

“I love my system!  I have not paid an electric bill since April and probably won’t pay again until

Shannon Dow, Morris CT, solar-powered since 2011:

“We get 100% of our electricity from the sun, so we’re really pleased! I found everyone we worked with at the company to be extremely professional, pleasant to work with, informative, and efficient.”

John Markelon, Goshen CT, solar-powered since 2009.

“We are delighted with our PV installation.”