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“I have nothing but the highest regard for Sunlight.  I received about seven estimates.  Our installation took only two and a half days.  They are an extremely professional crew who clearly knew their “stuff”.  In our case, the payback is five years and that is being conservative.  I am making money, even when I am just sitting around.”

“Every time I look at my roof I smile.”

-Jerome Allen


“I have never loved my home as much as I do now.”

“I want everybody to know how easy it is, it’s mind boggling.”

-Dr. Lawrence Licklider


“We had a very positive experience with Sunlight Solar from start to finish.  We initially sought out bids from two different solar panels companies, and over time it was clear that Sunlight Solar was the more reliable choice.  We liked the low-key approach of our sales representative, and we really appreciated the company making every effort to reinforce our roof with minimal disruption to our attic, which is a usable living space for us.  I felt very comfortable with all of the people who came to do work on our house, and we feel very secure that the work is of high quality.  Our solar panels have been in operation since 12/31/2013, and we are thrilled to now be generating all of our own electricity.  I give my highest recommendation to Sunlight Solar, and I hope that many more people will choose to go solar with their assistance.”

-Carol Anne Myers


“Sunlight Solar Energy installed the panels in the winter of 2012 and they were professional and helpful. I had a lot of questions about the installation and the operation, and they were very patient in answering them. They arrived when they were supposed to arrive, did the work they were supposed to do, and were a minimum of inconvenience. They only took a few days to complete the entire project and did all the necessary paperwork. I was very happy with them and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome”

-Jim Lam


“Sunlight Solar was able to offer a terrific low-interest loan and other options that made owning our own solar array the only choice.  We were delighted to find that they followed through on every detail and every promise that they made. Brandon, Rachel and their entire group were completely professional and accessible at every stage.

Getting a solar system involves many choices, federal, state and local governments, the utility company and their adjuncts, component suppliers, competent installers, and more.  The Sunlight Solar group was able to keep it all organized and were happy to explain every detail (repeatedly, in some cases!).  I am sure that every installation is somewhat different, but we put our trust in Sunlight Solar and have no hesitation recommending them!”

-Margaret Lombard


“It was a pleasure working with Sunlight Solar Energy. From the early stages of planning through installation.”

-Leonardi Aray Architects


“We loved working with Sunlight Solar.  They were professional, courteous, and well… excellent!  The system they provided is clean and clearly has the look of pride of craftsmanship.”

-John S.


“We enjoyed working with the Sunlight Solar team, who made this one of the easiest home improvement projects we have ever done. We are hoping we will get several decades of clean energy from our new system.”

-Andy T