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Powering the Future of Energy One Rooftop at a Time


Sunlight Solar is your local source for expert advice and 21st-century technologies to power your home and business.


At Sunlight Solar, we know you aren’t looking for a sales pitch. What solar investors need is professional support and security in understanding that going solar will cut electricity costs for their homes and businesses as well as reduce harmful emissions for the environment. Our team of experts and energy enthusiasts are bringing solar into the spotlight for more communities across the United States, and it starts with transparency.

From planning to power-on, we ensure that you receive the absolute best service and education surrounding your new system. Our team will first help you determine if solar is a good fit for your property and energy needs. For viable sites, we customize our designs to bring you the most efficient and eco-friendly energy production in the industry.

Not only are we committed to helping others make economically-responsible decisions, we also demonstrate leadership in the field of environmental awareness through our company-wide use of hybrid vehicles, recycled paper products, organic and ethically-produced labeled clothing, and support of non-profits in our local areas and across the nation.



We’re excited about the future of energy here at Sunlight Solar, and we look forward to standing by your side as you take the next step toward energy independence.