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Changing our energy future, oneroof top at a time.

Sunlight Solar is dedicated to educating our customers and empowering them to make intelligent buying decisions.

At Sunlight Solar, you won’t find a sales pitch, rather you’ll find a group of people who think solar is just pretty darn cool (this doesn’t mean they aren’t experts too!) and who want to see solar on more homes and businesses across the US. Our team not only helps you decide if your site is a good fit for solar, but helps you choose what is the best fit for your building. When our customers go solar, they feel confident in their decision and are as excited about the project as we are.

Not only are we committed to helping our customers make environmentally responsible buying decisions, our own environmental stewardship is demonstrated by our company-wide use of hybrid vehicles, recycled paper products, organic company clothing, commuting to work by foot, bus, or bike whenever possible, supporting local non-profits, and most importantly, using US made solar equipment whenever possible.

Lucky us– we have the perfect team to help us achieve our mission.